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Design Build Overview

Design Build Solutions

We utilize our energy efficiency expertise to deliver industry-leading critical systems design build retrofits for data centers, hospitals, universities, tech campuses, and more. Our turnkey solutions for chilled water system optimization are already up and running with large, Fortune 500 clients from coast to coast, saving them thousands of GWh while maintaining 24/7 uptime.


What is Design Build?

Our unique approach is comprehensive and holistic, providing everything from assessments, design, and engineering services to project management, construction, commissioning, measurement and verification, and utility incentive acquisition. The results are undeniable – our offering consistently produces greater energy savings than traditional system designs.

Our precisely engineered design build projects deliver:

  • Innovative designs using fully integrated Water Side Economizers (WSEs)
  • Optimized operation with enhanced mechanical cooling sequence of operation
  • End use device strategies for improved performance and further optimization of chiller plant efficiency
  • Persistent savings thanks to rigorous project commissioning (Cx) and ongoing monitoring-based Cx
  • Data insights from ongoing monitoring-based Cx facilitates rapid understanding and response to variances in energy performance

A holistic, flexible approach from start to finish.

While other firms apply a list of off-the-shelf measures, we base our proposals on site-specific fact finding and analysis, resulting in tailor-made critical cooling solutions that save more energy, costs, and headaches over time compared to competitor alternatives.

Make the most of Water Side Economizers (WSEs).

CLEAResult’s fully integrated WSEs are piped for the heat exchanger and chiller to share the cooling load, allowing partial economization to further reduce chiller operation and significantly increase energy savings. The accompanying bar chart illustrates how our WSE design distributes mechanical cooling, partial free cooling, and full free cooling hours throughout the year, in a number of cities, across a variety of climate zones.


Integrated Water Side Economizer Performance

Our Impact

We save
175+ MWh

annually for our clients

Our active installations save

in annual energy costs

We procured

in project incentives

We completed
68 projects

over the last eight years


Unique systems call for unique strategies

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