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Strategic Energy Management

We’re the SEM experts with over 1,500 facilities engaged since 2009.


What is SEM?

Strategic energy management (SEM) is a long-term approach to energy efficiency that includes setting goals, tracking progress, and reporting results. It is a living, evolving program that changes with time and energy demands. In taking on this process, you’ll commit to changing the way you use energy and empowering others to do the same.


An SEM program is an especially crucial part of EE efforts in large industrial, institutional, agricultural and commercial organizations, specifically those with yearly energy usage of three million kWh or greater.


Currently, we have:


utility programs


SEM program participants




active NMEC models

Our Solution

Saving energy has always been CLEAResult’s specialty. And with more energy savings realized than any other company in North America, could you ask for a better teacher? Our holistic approach to SEM will engage your employees and broaden their skillsets while fostering a culture of forward-thinking solutions and a real focus on energy efficiency. We’ll guide you in building a model that works for you, meeting and exceeding your goals along the way.

Any successful strategic energy management plan builds long-term relationships with energy users and targets persistent energy savings. Thanks to our cohort-centered learning and development structure with regular assessments and check-ins, your employees will learn the techniques needed accomplish this.

Lasting Benefits

The benefits of undertaking an SEM program are numerous, including:

  • More efficient operations
  • Lower energy bills and costs
  • Sustainable process improvements
  • Positive branding and PR for company
  • Predictive analytics to assist future business planning
  • Greater employee engagement and commitment

Our Impact

We've helped facilities save...


GWh saved annually


therms saved annually


annual SEM Incentives

Quick Highlights

Participant-centered Learning

Our program motivates teams through exercises, engaging and involving participants of all knowledge levels with interactive discussions and activities to introduce and teach the core concepts of energy management.

Structured Group Workshops

SEM learning takes places in a planned series of group workshops featuring peer-to-peer learning and networking to create participant connections and help participants learn from one another.

One-on-one Onsite Activities

Our comprehensive SEM offering also include site visits and reviews, monthly check-ins, energy scans, and energy management assessments to build a sustainable energy management system and practices.

Unique systems call for unique strategies

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