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Carbon Consulting

Reduce your carbon emissions and save money all at once.


What is Carbon Consulting?

On average, 70% of a company’s carbon production comes from the energy they use, and when they are ready to change, our experts are geared up to help. When thinking about long-term strategies and value, business leaders around the world are embracing climate action and sustainability goals as part of their organizations' future to protect our planet and please investors.

Our Carbon Consulting strategy:

We work with your facilities to identify energy usage and areas of improvement to reduce your carbon output. Once uploaded to our platform we monitor and benchmark the usage to track the energy and carbon reduction.


Measure and report carbon production

Find areas of improvement and build a budget-friendly plan to reduce your annual energy use and emissions. Accurate measurements and reporting are key to verifying your carbon-reduction goals.


Reduce carbon demand

Complete all recommended improvements using our Strategic Energy Management and Design Build teams to bring each project to life.


Balance remaining carbon with removal strategies

Identify carbon-neutral sources of energy to offset the rest of your balance and achieve net-zero energy use.


Continuously improve accuracy and verification

Protecting the environment and lowering carbon emissions is an ongoing process. Our team will make sure you have a process in place to stay on top of it.

Carbon Consulting Infographic

utility programs


SEM program participants




active NMEC models

Engineers with expertise

 25+ Industrial SEM

 30+ Retro-Commissioning

 30+ HVAC/Automation

 30+ Compressed Air​

 20+ Process Cooling/​Refrigeration​

 30+ Industrial Process

 20+ Advanced Lighting

 170+ Engineering Staff

 50+ Professional Engineers

 55 SEM Staff

 2,600+ GWh Saved Annually

 30+ Engineering Staff Locations

 1,000+ Years of Collective Energy Engineering Experience

 130+ Years of Collective Direct SEM Experience

 37+ Million Therms Saved

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