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Residential Services

Solutions made for everyone.

We combine our technical expertise with a commitment to delivering unmatched client services and tools to help utility customers make better, smarter decisions. Our deep local roots in communities throughout North America give us unique insights into your customers’ needs and the best ways to serve them.

Call Center

Our contact center offers chat support, customer surveys, appointment and service scheduling, tech support, and all other customer-facing services on behalf of our clients. Offered for all programs for all existing housing types. Includes online and phone support and well as full application management.


Incentive Processing

Delivers swift and accurate rebates for consumers who have made upgrades or purchases that qualify for an incentive, such as EV charging infrastructure installation, on-site power generation, or others. Includes application management and processing services as well as comprehensive QA/QC and technical support.



We know the energy efficiency industry, which gives our in-house marketing team a leg up in creating results-driven marketing strategies for your residential, commercial and industrial programs. Available for all housing and facility types across all programs, featuring fully realized creative campaigns (both physical and digital) and ongoing data analytics to monitor performance and engagement. 


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